We bring the pure NATURAL PEARLS from the depths of the ocean......to your Jewellery wardrobe.

Bahrain is famous for supplying Natural Pearls to the world for centuries. These pearls are well known as
Bahrain Natural Pearls.

“Genuine Natural Pearls" are naturally growing in the Arabian sea (No Farm). They are known as Sea Water
Pearls. NOT Cultured, NOT Cultivated, NOT Fresh (Sweet)Water.

Al Hashimi Pearls has been doing business in pearls since the 19th Century. Our name has come to mean
trust for millions of customers in Bahrain, the United States, and European Countries.

All Jewellery Certified by “The gem and pearls testing laboratory”, Under the Ministry of Commerce
and Industries, Kingdom of Bahrain. Pearls are Tested with X-ray Examination. Most of all Jewellery we
produce with individual original certificates provided to our Valued Customer.

Today Al Hashimi Pearls brings you Designer Natural Pearl Jewellery hand-crafted in Bahrain. Truly a collection
suitable for Royalty! We create designs with a Dainty & Desirable touch to suit an International market produced exclusively with 18K yellow and white gold. We Create Handcrafted Pearl Jewellery Styled With Precious Stones and Diamonds. Our jewellery has beautiful and innovative designs. We routinely craft Unique designs at the request of our Discerning Customers.

Last updated: Saturday, 23 February 2008